The 2018-2019 season marks a turning point for Le Cannet Volleyball. “We’re not changing, we’re evolving”

Le Cannet Volley-Ball Féminin is at a turning point in its history…

Founded in 1994, the Cannetan club, presided over between 2009 and 2017 by Daniel Bussani, has risen through the ranks to victory in the French Cup in 2015. With the strength of his conviction, over the years he has managed the club with a businessman’s eye and, by getting it to travel and trade with European clubs, opened as many doors as possible. For the past 10 years, the players, together with a competent management team, have represented a collective that is committed to the highest level. But today, to reach new heights, it was necessary to envisage new means that the club did not have. The arrival of an investor with a passion for sport, and in particular women’s volleyball, will provide Cannet Volley-Ball with the commitment and success it needs. Indeed, the interest of Stav Jacobi, President of Switzerland’s most awarded women’s volleyball club, Volero Zürich, and also a member of the International Federation’s Board of Directors, is a tremendous asset for Cannet Volley-Ball. Despite having been a finalist in the 2008 European Cup, winner of the French Cup in 2015, winner of the Supercup in 2015, and runner-up in the French Cup in 2015 and 2017, the Cannet club has until now been a non-profit association. But, given its potential, it needed to take things to the next level, to gain new momentum. For the past 10 years, the current management team has been 100% committed to the club, purely for the love of the sport. But to reach the upper echelons, Cannet Volley-Ball needed new faces in all its sectors (professional, junior and training), and above all a new financial impetus to anchor it even more firmly in the professional arena. Although perfectly supported by the town, a club in this category needs to renew its human, logistical and financial resources. A commitment that makes it possible to envisage restructuring and growth for the Cannetan club.

…2015 > Supercup winner 2015 > French vice-champion 2017 > French vice-champion!

An enthusiastic welcome from the city

As the first financial supporter of Le Cannet Volley Ball since its inception, the city is delighted with the arrival of Stav Jacobi: “The arrival of a passionate and knowledgeable investor is a real opportunity for volleyball in Le Cannet. It’s a source of pride that he’s stopped off at Le Cannet. His interest demonstrates the influence of the département’s clubs beyond our borders. Stav Jacobi has expressed the wish to work with continuity, building on the club’s past. His values are the same as ours: he expects nothing but pleasure and love of the sport. What motivates him is not just elitism, but commitment and respect. Be that as it may, Le Cannet welcomes him and the town will do everything to support him in his endeavour to further develop this club until it reaches the highest summits.”

“just fun and love of sport”.

June 2018: Volero Le Cannet is born!

After long weeks of waiting, the verdict is in: Volero Le Cannet has been approved by the CACCP to play in the AF League next season. The new club, presided over by Jelena Lozancic, will start its domestic campaign in October, once the Women’s World Championships are over. They will be up against their usual rivals (Cannes, Béziers, Mulhouse…), as well as newcomers such as IFVB Toulouse, Marcq en Baroeul, and neighboring Mougin, who will be playing in the women’s volleyball elite for the 1st time in their history. A new club, the Volero Le Cannet, a new logo and a new website… One thing’s for sure: the spirit of Le Cannet will be there, and there!

2008 > European Cup finalist 2015 > French Cup winner…

Stav Jacobi… the man of the situation !

A Muscovite by birth, Stav is a Zurich man at heart. And it’s at his team’s matches, where he’s investor, boss and main supporter, that he reveals his passionate temperament. Smiling, friendly and above all enthusiastic when he’s in the stands, Stav Jacobi makes his presence felt. He encourages, advises, vociferates, congratulates and applauds with equal fervor. If he’s not jumping on the pitch, he’s not afraid to put his hand to the paw to tidy the nets or exchange balls with the players of his Zurich team. There’s no doubt about it, this man loves volleyball: “Volleyball’s in my blood,” he likes to say, “it’s the elixir of my life. After winning the Swiss championship thirteen times and regularly playing in the Champions League, Volero Zürich had reached the limit of what the territory would allow. “So my team and I set off in search of another club that would help us get over the European and even international hurdle. We tried several approaches, but were never satisfied. The well-structured operation of Le Cannet Volley-Ball and its already-recognized performances won us over.” He needed a team that could match his ambitions. He therefore wanted to team up with a club known for its consistent performances in the LAF Championship and for its work in training young players. After a three-year observation period, the Cannet Volley-Ball club caught his eye.

2018: Creation of a company

In addition to a player exchange partnership, a strategy and the provision of know-how to complement the existing one, Stav Jacobi’s aim is to build team loyalty. To achieve this, the arrival of a private investor is essential. As the association status is no longer adequate, Stav Jacobi has just incorporated a company based on the Volero Zürich model. Although he will be the boss, legitimately looking after his investments, he does not wish to have a role in the team: “I rely on sports professionals. I have enough to do with my own professional activities.